Huseyin Caglar Ince was born in 1981 in Koycegiz in Turkey.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Antalya. He graduated from Ege University Bioengineering Department in 2006. His love of nature and travel, which began during his university years, led him to a career other than engineering.

In order to promote and conserve Turkey's cultural and biological diversity he has worked in several projects. He has worked as a writer and editor in many national magazines such as Atlas, Yeşil Atlas, Bugday, Tempo and Magma.

In 2008, with the “Lost Tales” project, he traveled to Kaz Mountains and all the Taurus Mountains and collected the Yörük tales. Turkey's He produced and presented the documentary series "It is not late yet" with a theme of Turkey's wildlife on TRT Documentary Channel. On the other hand, he prepared documentary and promotional films about endemic species of Antalya with his friends. He published his book "Dogadabuan: An Introduction to Nature Observation" in 2017.

He is currently giving environmental education lectures in schools for different age groups. In these activities, students feel the nature by using five sensory organs and recognize living things and their geography.

Huseyin Caglar Ince, who currently lives in Antalya, has undertaken a mission in the name of sustainable tourism with the projects he produces together with the leading companies of the sector in order to raise awareness of nature in tourism. The “nature guide” books that he prepared for different tourism facilities have been published in 4 different languages and printed over 50.000 copies, presented to the tourists coming to our country by the hotels it has partnered with. İnce, who received several awards due to his projects, is also a columnist in tourism magazines, prepares books documentaries and social media contents about biological and cultural values of Turkey and Antalya.